The candidate needs to go through for the equivalence process is to check his eligibility to the German Job Market which can be verified through the submission for the Defizit Bescheinigung.

The Defizit Bescheinigung is an Attestation provided by German Equivalence Administration responsible for foreigner diplomas recognition and equivalence, it should contain an evaluation of the candidate submission and a statement about the missing steps to be accomplished by the candidate before having his diploma recognized in Germany.

The candidate can submit for the Defizit Bescheinigung only if completes B2 level of German Language, The documents needed for the Defizit Bescheinigung may differ from a federal state to another within Germany federal law and depend on the country of origin. It is to get legal work permit too.

Documents Required for DefizitBescheinigung

  • Filled application form

  • Academic Documents – Must be Authenticated – HRD / MEA/NOTORY
    10th, 12th, MBBS Certificate with Cumulative certificate, Registration Certificate if available / Recommendation Letters 2 // work exp if any //Unit per Subject-Hours of study each subject.

  • Health Certificate – HIV, HBSAG, HCV, TB,

  • Police Clearance

  • Resume – Tabular Format and must be in German ( We translate to German)

  • Passport Copy Front and Back Pages

  • Motivation letter must be written in German Language

  • Birth Certificate – authenticated

  • Insurance copy