What is PAP – Pflege Anerkennung Programm

PAP is a  recognition program especially designed for international nursing / healthcare professionals. This program prepares candidates in German language, profession oriented curriculum, Geriatric practical training & inter-cultural competence. The curriculum is coordinated with the German  ministry of health and social affairs. The participants will receive German recognition as a senior care nurse after successful completion of the coursework. Candidates of PAP program reach the equivalence of German geriatric nurses & receive the licensing to work throughout Germany.

PAP is a 15 months preparation program for “Kenntnisprüfung als Gesundheit- und Krankenpflegerin” (Knowledge exam for hospital nurses) in Germany especially designed for international nurses. When already having German B1 (Goethe Institute, Telc or Ösd certificates accepted) or having this language level till enrollment into the course, those foreign nurses can apply for PAP Plus starting with German B1 and as a result a course duration of 9 months.

PAP and PAP Plus prepare candidates in German language, subject-oriented language and knowledge of theory, practical training like internships in German hospitals, senior care institutions or in outpatient care. Intercultural competences will also be taught. The curriculum is coordinated with German ministry of health and social affairs (LAGuS) and conducted in cooperation with DAAD (Deutsche Angestellten Akademie). The participants are eligible to do “Kenntnisprüfung” after successful completion of the PAP coursework. Having completed this exam, the foreign nurses are recognized and eligible to work as a hospital nurse in Germany.

Why PAP?

German hospitals face a lack of nurses. “Already, there is a lack of personnel everywhere because in the past – for economic reasons – many jobs were cut and fewer nurses were trained. According to the trade union, 70,000 skilled workers are already missing nationwide in nursing. 40,000 additional specialists would be needed in geriatric care. А this problem will become even more severe in the future.  According to forecasts of the German Nursing Council, 300,000 nurses will be missing by 2030.”

If you don’t meet the B2 Language level, we have the language course along with this program.

PAP Curriculum

  •  German language curriculum
  •  Tasks and concepts in the geriatric care
  •  Support to old people in day to day activities
  •  Legal and institutional parameters of the work of a geriatric nurse
  •  How to plan the nursing process, evaluation and documentation
  •  Internship both stationary and ambulatory