The specified course lengths for continuing medical training as cited in this document are  minimum requirements that may change from case to case, if the continuing training syllabuses cannot be acquired within the minimum allowed time. The tables below only serve as a general overview of the continuing training periods in the various fields, Schwerpunkte (Specialities) and Zusatz-Weiterbildungen (Extra Qualifications). As mentioned above, continuing training as a Facharzt (Specialist) on in a Schwerpunkt (Specialty) can be followed up in many fields of medicine. There is no obligation to engage in any of the latter courses or in any extra ualification courses.


The following examples aim to explain the summary table “Facharzt- und hwerpunktkompetenz” (Specialist and Specialty Competence). They specify the minimum time needed for four different “Facharzt” (Specialist) qualifications. At the end of each Specialist, Specialty or Extra Qualification course, the trained doctor must document the required disciplinary competencies by passing an examination in order to gain the relevant title: Specialist, Specialty or Extra Qualification.

Titles for Fachärzte (Specialists)

Candidates who complete their continuing training as a Facharzt (Specialist) in accordance with the prescribed continuing training syllabuses and periods and are able to document the disciplinary competence required for this by passing an examination, will be awarded the title of Facharzt (Specialist).

Zusatzbezeichnungen (Extra Qualifications)

Candidates who gain Extra Qualifications in accordance with the prescribed training syllabuses and periods and are able to document that they have the disciplinary competence required for this by passing an examination will be awarded a Zusatzbezeichnung (Extra Qualification).


A doctor must complete at least 60 months (5 years) of continuing medical training to qualify as an Anesthetist.


To gain the specialist competencies listed in the table for the field of “Surgery”, a doctor must initially complete at least 24 months (2years) of basic continuing training. This is then followed by specialist continuing surgical training in the desired field. The choice of specialist competencies in the field of surgery are: General Surgery; Vascular Surgery; Cardiac Surgery; Pediatric Surgery; Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery; Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery; Thorax Surgery and Visceral Surgery. In other words: A doctor wishing to gain qualification as a Facharzt (Specialist) in the field of thorax surgery must, for example, complete at least 24 months of basic continuing training plus at least 48 months of subsequent specialist continuing training in thorax surgery. This means 24 months + 48 months = a minimum of at least 72 months (6 years).

Internal Medicine and General Medicine

Continuing training in the fields of “Internal and General Medicine” lasts (a total of) at least: 60 months (5 years) for disciplinary competence (Fachkompetenz) as a “General Practitioner” – 72 months (6 years) for specialist competence (Facharztkompetenz) as an “Internist” and additional disciplinary competencies (e.g. Internist and Pneumologist)”.


Continuing training in the field of Pediatrics lasts at least 60 months. After passing the final examination, the qualified doctor is given the title: “Facharzt für Kinder- und ugendmedizin” “Paediatrician”. Subsequent specialization, for example in the field of “Neuropaediatrics / Child Neurology”, takes at least 36 months and is completed with a further examination.

Summary Table of Specialist and Specialty Competence

The following table lists the minimum times required for medical continuing training in the various medical fields and Specialty Competencies.

Remarks: The figures listed in this table are based on the Model Continuing Education Rules of the Bundesärztekammer (German Medical Association). The study regulations of the respective Landesärztekammern (State Medical Associations) may differ slightly.

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Specialization No of Months Specialization Hours
Anaesthesiology 60 Surgery 24+48
Anatomy 48 Vascular Surgeon 24+48
Industrial Medicine /Occupational Med 60 Cardiac Surgeon 24+48
Ophthalmology 60 Paediatric Surgeon 24+48
Biochemistry 48 Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon 24+48
Gynaecology and Obstetrics 60 Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon 24+48
Dermatological and Venereal Diseases 60 Thorax Surgeon 24+48
Human Genetics 60 Visceral Surgeon 24+48
Hygiene and Environmental Medicine 60 Gynaecological Endocrinology & Reproductive Med 60+36
Internal and General Medicine 60 Gynaecological Oncology 60+36
Internist: 60 Special Obstetrics and Perinatal Medicine 60+36
Internist and Angiologist 72 Ear-Nose-Throat Medicine 24+48
Internist and Endocrinologist and Diabetologist 72 Speech, Voice &Paediatric Hearing DO, Phoniatrician 24+48
Internist and Gastroenterologist 72 Paediatric Haematology and Oncology 60+36
Internist and Haematologist and Oncologist 72 Paediatric Cardiology 60+36
Internist and Cardiologist 72 Neonatology 60+36
Internist and Nephrologist 72 Neuropaediatrics / Child Neurology 60+36
Internist and Pneumologist 72 Pathology 24+48
Internist and Rheumatologist 72 Pathologist 24+48
Paediatrics 60 Pharmacology 24+48
Paediatric Psychiatry and Psychotherapy 60 Pharmacologist and Toxicologist 24+48
Laboratory Medicine 60 Forensic Psychiatrist 60+36
Microbiology, Virology & Epidemiology 60 Paediatric Radiology 60+36
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 60 Neuroradiology 60+36
Neurosurgery 60 Psychosomatic Medicine,sychotherapy 60
Neurology 60 Radiology 60
Nuclear Medicine 60 Transfusion Medicine 60
Public Health 60 Urology 60
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Physiatrist) 60 Forensic Pathology 60
Physiology 48 Radiation Therapy 60
Psychiatry and sychotherapy 60

Summary Table of Extra Qualifications

In addition to medical continuing training and qualification in the Schwerpunkte (Specialities), doctors wishing to further specialise can gain a Zusatz-Weiterbildung (Extra  Qualification). The minimum time needed for the individual disciplinary competencies is as follows: As already mentioned above, such Extra Qualification is not counted as part of the time prescribed for training as a specialist. The following special competencies are gained, in particular, by completing an Extra Qualification course.

S.NO Extra Qualification No of Months / hours
1 Medical Quality Management 200 hrs
2 Acupuncture 120 h + 60 h +20 h
3 Allergology 18 m
4 Andrology 18 m
5 Occupational Health 36 h + 360 h
6 Dermatological Histology 24 m
7 Diabetology 18 m
8 Aviation Medicine 6 m + 180 h
9 Geriatric Medicine 18 m
10 Gynaecological Exfoliative Cytology No proof of minimal continuing training hrs required
11 Haemostaseology 12 m
12 Hand Surgery 36 m
13 Homeopathy 6 m +160 h
14 Infectology 12 m
15 Intensive Care 24 m
16 Paediatric Endocrinology and Diabetology 36 m
17 Paediatric Gastroenterology 18 m
18 Paediatric Nephrology 36 m
19 Paediatric Orthopaedics 18 m
20 Paediatric Pneumology 36 m
21 Paediatric Rheumatology 18 m
22 Laboratory Diagnosis– subject specific 6 m
23 Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) –subject specific 24m
24 Manual Medicine/Chirotherapy 120 h +200 h
25 Pharmacological tumour therapy 12 m
26 Medical Information Systems 12 m +360 h +480 h
27 Naturopathy 3 m / or 80 h + 160 h
28 Emergency (Trauma) Medicine 6 m + 80 h + proof of 50 emergency
29 Orthopedic Rheumatology 36m
30 Palliative Medicine 12 m + 40 h
31 Phlebology 18 m
32 Physical Therapy and Balneology 12 m + 240 h
33 Plastic Operations 24 m
34 Proctology 12 m
35 Psychoanalysis 250 h + 240 +600 h
36 Psychotherapy – subject specific 100 h + 16 double hr + 15 double hr + 15 double hr + 120 h +100 h + 120 h + 16 double + 15 double hr +15 double hr +15 double +120 h + 100 h
37 Rehabilitation Medicine 12 +160 h + 160 h
38 X-ray Diagnostics – subject specific 18 m and/or 12 m (depending on the subject)
39 Sleep Medicine 18 m
40 Social Medicine 12 m +160 h +160 h
41 Special Orthopaedic Surgery 36 m
42 Special Pain Therapy 12 m + 80 h
43 Special Trauma Surgery 36 m
44 Sports Medicine 12 m +240 h +120 h
45 Addiction Medicine 50 h
46 Tropical Medicine 12 h +12 h +3 m